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Celergen is a made up of BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex, Peptide E Collagen and Hydro MN Peptide, synergistically blended with other ingredients like Lutein, Grape Skin Extract and Coenzyme-Q10, and encapsulated into an enteric coated softgel to deliver its goodness directly to our cells.  It provides superior nutrients to our cells and has super anti-oxidative properties to protect our cells against oxidative-stress. 

Independent Clinical Studies have been conducted on the key ingredients of Celergen, namely BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex, Peptide E Collagen and Hydro MN Peptide, which demonstrated their beneficial effects and safe for human consumption by BIO-HC Laboratories, one of Europe’s largest and most sophisticated Clinical Test research centre in Pessac, France under GLP (Good Laboratories Practice) and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) conditions. 

Other ingredients like Lutein, Grape Skin Extract and Coenzyme-Q10 are synergistically blended to further enhance its effectiveness and efficacy.

The standard manufacturing process of vitamins and most supplements uses “heat” which affects the potency and effectiveness of the supplement because this methodology will destroy most of the nutritional value of the supplement.

Celergen is manufactured using Swiss Cold Process DNA Extraction Technology. This means that the potency of the nutrients encapsulated in Celergen is retained for the maximum benefit of the consumer.

Celergen is a novel concept which supplements our body with “better and simpler” food.  Instead of consuming different supplements for different systems in our body, Celergen provides nutrients in the form of peptides and fragments of DNA that are easily absorbed by our cells to reduce “cellular malfunction”, which is the main cause of health issues.

Celergen is a “better food” for our body and just like food, it allows our body to decide where to send the nutrients to nourish those parts in our body that need them the most.

Celergen is a food supplement and has received many certifications attesting to its safety, quality and efficacy.

Most Important Certification is the Swiss Export Attestation Certificate. There are many products developed and manufactured in Switzerland for export purposes. These products CANNOT BE SOLD in Switzerland.

But for Celergen, the Swiss Export Attestation certificate means that it can be SOLD FREELY in Switzerland, because of its stringent standards of development and production as well as its superior product quality.

Other certifications include, FDA compliance, Swiss Public Health Certificate, CGMP, Swiss Inspection Service, IMO control (compliance with Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance and Regulation, Eurocerta Food (ISO 14001 in food production with European Standard Auditing), German Accreditation Council for Certification, Testing for ensuring quality and Technical Competence, TQM and EMS.

Celergen was launched in May 2009 after independent clinical studies were conducted 2 to 3 years prior to its launch by a team of cell therapists, scientists, medical experts, gerontologists, researchers and pharmacists with more than 20 years of experience in nutritional supplements research and development. The Swiss quality and trademark is undeniably an important assurance.

Even though Celergen has many proven independent clinical studies and impressive worldwide accreditations, Celergen is not a drug. It is a nutritional supplement aimed at improving overall wellbeing with strong anti-aging properties – a better food for our cells.  However, people with pre-existing conditions or on medications, who are concerned should consult their doctors before consuming Celergen.

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